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It has been a tradition among sailors that any Old Salt who had sailed the Seven Seas proved he had been on the old Clipper Ship Tea Route from China to England, which was the longest trade route under sail and which took the Clippers through the Banda Sea, the Celebes Sea, the Flores Sea, the Java Sea, the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea, and the Timor Sea. Thus to traditional sailors, these are the Seven Seas.

Welcome to The Seven Seas Group! We are a dedicated team with over 25 years of experience in the cruise ship industry. Our main focus is sourcing from around the world motivated, dedicated and flexible candidates, who like the adventure, are ready to embark onto new horizons and ambitious for a career change and professional growth.

The Seven Seas Group and its its subsidiary companies Seven Seas Recruitment Services and SSG Evropa carefully screens all candidates and once selected, they are provided with the best introduction and familiarization to the cruise industry than any other recruiting service company. Furthermore, once one of our selected candidates has been accepted to join one of our partner companies, we will provide them with an efficient, fast and flawless recruitment process.

We at The Seven Seas Group look forward to becoming your professional career solution of the future.

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Recruitment Process

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What people say about their shipboard experience

  • I would really love to write a couple of words about one of your recruiters – Laura Bellocchio. Last year, Laura conducted an interview with me and helped me get a job with Carnival Cruise Line. She was very professional and explained every step in detail, so at no point was I in any doubt. Moreover, she is wonderful as a person! Very kind, friendly and supportive. I could count on her not only up to the moment when I was hired by Carnival, but also later, when she followed up with me how I was doing. Thanks to her I was able to try ship life in my career (which I definitely want to continue) and experience the best year in my life so far (hopefully more like that to come). Laura really deserves to be recognized. She is a great asset to the company and I am indebted to her for life.


    Joanna Malinowska

  • I would like to thank the team of The Seven Seas Group. Ms. Claudia Mendez, Mr. Jorge Florez, Mr. Anthony Stice and Mr. Jimmy Baron. They were helpful in my recruitment process from beginning to end for the bar department. I am a non national of Colombia and not fluent in Spanish, however, this team and the people I encountered in Bogotá, Colombia, were very patient, friendly and helpful in assisting me. I would recommend this agency to anyone as my experience was very pleasant and positive.

    Christian Bousigna

  • The best thanks to The Seven Seas Group for helping me reach one of my goals; excellent recruitment processes. I recommend to anyone who wishes to embark on cruise ships… Without Recruiting costs but with assurance of success.

    Carlos Arias

  • There are not enough words to thank The Seven Seas Group immensely for making my dreams come true. 5 years ago I made the process to join a cruise ship and my life has changed 100 %.

    Marinero Cadena

  • The Seven Seas Group are a group of very professional people. Thanks to them, I have been able to fulfill dreams joining one the best cruise companies, where I remained for more than five years. Thanks for all the support, guidance and confidence.

    Carolina Sierra

  • Working on Cruise Ships gives you an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures, and visit many different places. The Seven Seas Group hooks you up with World Class Cruise companies. It is a hard work physically and mentally, but International Cuisine of high level; the dream of every chef. The days are longer than it may be in a shoreside job. I have had the opportunity to work with chefs from India, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Caribbean. It’s an experience that every human being should live at least once in a life time. Thanks to The Seven Seas Group and especially to Claudia Mendez who assisted with my recruitment process.

    Daniel Cotrino

  • The Seven Seas Group has been a very positive influence in my personal and professional development. They definitely deliver a Wow experience! Thank you!

    Mariana Rueda Amaya

  • I definitely want to thank The Seven Seas Group for its amazing job and for having made my goals come true. They are truly serious and honest when recruiting people and helping them to succeed. Jorge Florez and Claudia Mendez are Fantastic.

    Edwin Quintana

  • I’d like to thank the people that made all of this possible, Ms Claudia Mendez and Mr Jorge Florez who are 2 persons aimed to help everybody to make their dreams come true. The Seven Seas Group is company who really loves what they do. Please contact them if you also wanna have the opportunity to join the best cruise line ever.

    Movado Leon

  • This is just a note to thank for the opportunity you gave me to work and to get to know the cruise world.
    It is an experience of a life time! Hope everything is going well!