Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

The Process to join a cruise ship can be complex and lengthy, but it may not be the case for all candidates as there are different factors that can determine this. The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa recruits for a vast number of positions on board cruise ships and each position has its own requirements and demands. A process to join a cruise ship can take from begging to end up to 8 months; therefore, we invite you to enter the process today.

The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa and its subsidiary company Seven Seas Recruitment Services follows Spanish law 15/99 of the Protection of Personal Data and to comply with this law, The Seven Seas Group only accepts new applicants who have completed the online application found at our website. All personal data uploaded is kept in a secured server and may be deleted at any time at the applicant’s request.

To enter the selection process to join one of our cruise line partners, please visit our Online Application page to register and to complete the application. It is a lengthy process completing all the fields required, but once done we will have all the information required by the different cruise lines, either to present you for an interview or to join the assigned ship.

Ensure that all information requested whilst completing the Online Application is accurately provided. Leaving experience or any important information out of your application may disqualify you or delay the recruitment process. Always keep your Online application up-to-date to ensure we find you the most suitable position to match your skills and work experience.

Once we have received your online application and you have been selected as a potential candidate, one of our Recruiting Specialists will contact you to schedule a pre-screening interview. We will use this opportunity to ensure that a career at sea meets your expectations – Have your questions ready !!

If your Recruiting Specialist determines that you are the right candidate for shipboard life and you are preapproved for a position onboard a cruise ship, you will be asked to complete further requirements including different online tests administered by the cruise lines. Some of these tests will score you in your abilities to customer service, personality and English fluency.

Keep in mind that all communication will be in English and you will be required to communicate clearly in this language, so that you may continue in the process. If required by the cruise line, all preapproved candidates will require to take the Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff (www.marlinstests.com). Minimum % score is determined by the Cruise Line and the position applying for. Marlins Test has a cost to the candidate and a test license can be purchased via The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa. Your Recruiting Specialist will inform you of the cost of the test in your local currency.

Once all pre-requirements to interview with one of our cruise line partners have been completed, The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa will invite you to interview either face to face or over webcam with a Cruise Line’s Recruitment Representative. There will be extensive email communication sent to you with information about the job you have been preapproved for, the company and how to prepare for the interview with the cruise line. Take advantage of all material you will receive to be a successful candidate and a future shipboard crewmember.

The results of the interview will be emailed to you as soon as they are offered by the Cruise Line’s Recruitment Representative. If you are an approved candidate for the position you applied for or another position, we will require a response from you accepting and acknowledging the conditions of the position offered.

If you are not successful at the interview with the cruise line, we will inform you as to why you were not approved, only if the details are provided by the Recruitment Representative or we will look into other options for you that closely match your experience.

If you are employed at the time you are approved to join a cruise ship, DO NOT resign from your job until you are offered a confirmed ship assignment and a Letter of Employment has been issued.
The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa will assist you with all your pre joining requirements (visas, medical, letter of employment, questions, etc.) and guide you through each step of the way to ensure a flawless transition during your first months onboard.

Once you have joined your assigned ship, your Recruiting Specialist will still be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have once onboard.

The Seven Seas Group/SSG Evropa is looking forward to working you in this process and welcome you to an exciting career opportunity onboard a cruise ship.