Online Application

The Seven Seas Group Online Application

Our online application has been designed to ensure all information needed to apply for one of our cruise line partners is compiled in this form. Additionally, it provides a faster response from the recruiter assigned to your area, whether informing you if you are a qualified candidate or not; or assisting you in ensuring you have an accurate and complete curriculum to enter the next step in process, which may be the interview with a cruise line recruiter, if at this point you have already been prescreened by one our Recruitment Specialists.

By registering with The Seven Seas Group (SSG), all information needed to have a complete application will automatically generate all forms required to present  you for an interview with a cruise line Recruiter, if preselected at the at the  initial interview with The Seven Seas Group.

What to prepare before starting your SSG Online Application:

  • Have scanned photo of yourself and make sure the photo presents the full head from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin, center the head with the frame and have a neutral expression facing the camera. See page # 12-16 of the step-by-step guide on the photo size, format and how to upload it to the application.
  • Gather ALL present and previous employment information. It is very important that you do not leave any employment experience out as it may disqualify you and have your application rejected.
  • There are certain documents required by the cruise line, which must require your signature. In order to add the signature to all those documents auto-generated by the online application, you must get a scan copy of your signature in jpg format and a file Size not to be larger than 1mb. Please see page # 10 of the step by step guide for more details on how to have a clear and perfect size of your signature uploaded.
  • Have handy previous employment contact details (email) of your manager/supervisor. You will also need personal references contact details (email).
  • If you have worked for a cruise line before, please have your last performance evaluation on hand, as you will have to upload it.
  • The SSG online application will ask you in the application for Emergency and Beneficiary information. Why do we ask for these details at this point in the process?  R:/ In order to present you for an interview with one of our cruise line partners, we will need to generate an ID and the database will require emergency and beneficiary information to be entered in order to generate ID.
  • The New Hire documentation is so extensive that if we leave this important information to be collected at the end of the process, you may forget or not have enough time to complete all forms requiring these details. Assignments for some candidates may come very quick and with very short notice.

The Seven Seas Group wants to make this process as flawless as possible for you and by accurately and fully completing all points in the application, it will only speed up the application process to get you through all the steps to join a ship as soon as possible. Online application

DOWNLOAD Step by step guide: pdfdownload