Jorge Florez

Jorge, President and founder of The Seven Seas Group (SSG). Since his early years, Jorge has been involved in the Hospitality industry and in 1988 he decided to embark on a career in the cruise industry whilst still at school in Miami, Florida.  Having worked in different areas of the cruising industry shoreside and shipboard, after 15 years working for one of the largest cruise line companies, Jorge decided to venture out on his own by launching SSG in 2008. Jorge is fully responsible for the operation of The Seven Seas Group and together with his team of experienced recruiting professionals, they source excellent talent from North, Central and South America as well as Europe. Jorge is committed to his cruise line partners in finding the most qualified candidates to meet recruitment goals for the different cruise lines he represents. Inlike manner, he and his team are committed to ensuring all interested candidates are interviewed, pre-screened and provided transparency when it comes to their future life on board a cruise ship. Welcome Onboard! let the journey to success begin with us…

Guillermo Marin

Guillermo, co-founder of The Seven Seas Group, works closely to Jorge and assists with the operational planning of the company. He provides support to the Recruitment Specialists, liaison with Tourism and Gastronomy schools in all regions SSG has presence, to motivate future candidates to join SSG’s cruise line partners by presenting shipboard opportunities to students and graduates. Additionally, Guillermo offers coaching on a one-on-one to all future crewmembers by guiding them on what life on board really is all about and its great benefits. Do not hesitate to contact Guillermo should you need any assistance with regards to your future career. Email: